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We don’t know how Fefoo is popular among Indians and to the WWW. However Fefoo is a mere cool  free web service  bit like a meta search engine  made by vivek jishtu an Indian Software developer -A project that started in early 2006 , is now at it’s prime stage .What Fefoo does is that it incorporate  many search engines on a single website ,.i.e  with Fefoo you can search many search engines at same time However there are similar services (Meta crawlers, Multiple search services,some sites we mentioned in our earlier posts too), but fact is that Fefoo  service is very fast and very effective .

 Fefoo is a kind of directory of search engines as it includes  a list of more than 250 Search engines and 40+ categories(yahoo, google,bing,exalead,blekko,ask,quintura…list goes on) on the one page. Fefoo makes searching using different search engines simpler. We could search for categories like web, social,video,music,torrents,people in a vast list of search engines all within from a single site fefoo.Another vital aspect is that  as every search engines , With Fefoo You can use commands to search more easily and achieve better results. for eg:  Type “:wolfram”    in search bar  For more visit Fefoo help .

For the developer  says

                  “You use it like a normal search engine, but fefoo is not a search engine, its an application that helps you search better. It uses the traditional search engines to search. You search on categories and your search is more refined from the time you start searching. Incase you don’t use categories it works like a normal search engine. fefoo is not about changing the way you search but it helps you in searching better with less clicks and your search is more precise. “

How does fefoo work?

On it’s technical side the developer claims that “The first time you visit fefoo, it gets cached on your browser-like some normal search engines do. After that every-time you search its done on your computer. That is one reason why it feels so fast. There are no round trips back to the server every time you search. The search is as fast as the search engine that you are using. fefoo works transparently without adding any overhead while searching”.

Well you might have got a better site or meta search engines  above fefoo or prefer other sites that does similar work  but definitely it’s a suitable site to add to your bookmark list. This is really very convenient search engine that allows you to perform searches quickly on the web, social networks, video, music files and many torrents others. If you want to add it to your browser then there are extensions available for all browsers including firefox, chrome , safari and all.Visit Fefoo


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