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“The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity” – Whether it’s practical or not -While surfing , we got an interesting puzzle for any one to try out.It’s little an old trivia but interesting.Most of our readers might be familiar with this quest but those who are not can definitely try it out .The site Puzzlehacker has got  an interesting  puzzle where you have to predict the name of the next page.

The game behind this puzzle is just visit  http://www.puzzlehacker.com/1.html  .Now we have got a clue on this page to reach to next page URL .ie instead of 1.html , we have to find out next webpage like “???.html”. So if you got the answer from the clue replace  “1.html ” with your answer.At beginning puzzles are much easier as it goes more it gets tough.Like wise there are total 75 pages you have to puzzle out.i.e There are total of 75 pages to go through.Some pages there will not be marked as “clue” , but from the words given  on page we have to find out answer.However this  puzzle is already cracked by some experts and you could easily find it out using ”  Google” but  take a step  & Lets see how far you can go.

Comment  your answers & if any one got some unique & interesting  similar puzzles


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