Websites|List of Useful Websites [Part 6]

List of useful websites , to have better surfing , deal better and know more on common and unknown   web services and Websites and here is the Part6 Section of Useful sites. Since we don’t want to create a list of link spam we are not hyper-linking site address rather just provides URL’s.This list well be continued as new posts.Here we like to share some   useful info sites.

  • errorgoblin-[]

It’s a common scene that  frequent Operating system errors   blue screen error(like error code 0x00000004)  for your Windows OS or for MAC OS (for eg:Type- error 24938 ) Very often we  are entrusted on “Googling”  or search(ask experts) to find out what’s behind those errors.The website “errorgoblin”might make our task easier to find out any Mac or Windows error code means and sort out the solutions for your common Operating System errors.Although it doesn’t give a deep structure of error code details for a quick refernece this site is eligible to be added as  your bookmark collections.This site has got an info of  total 16,984 error codes listed (combination of Mac and Windows).If you are an expert you can also  post solutions to errorsErrorGoblin was created by MonkeyDead Studios who also make iPhone games.Just try it out

  • malwaredomainlist[]

Doubts in visiting whether  a website is malware hit or not ,Checkout the list of domains to avoid.  The site malwaredomainlist provides a comprehensive list of website domains that are spreading malwares.Of course with a built-in addon or antivirus plugin or google plugin  we could get rid of malware sites.But malwaredomainlist  is an alternative way to check the daily updated list of malware sites.You could also query a specific website is safe or not.The sites  listed are very dangerous to your computer.  Unless you are sandboxed or good antimalwares or running a virtual computer, you should never visit these sites.

  • silveos-[]

Here’s a silverlight (has to installed) Operating System in the Cloud.  Give it a try.  Even has maps, youtube, a browser and more!

  • spamclock-[]

Every hour 1 million new spam pages are created . Visit the Spam Clock – How many Spams have been sent?

  • test-ipv6-[]

Having an IPv6 Ready? Test Your connection for IPv6


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