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Recently  social media marketing company mBlast released a free Web-based search  tool called mPact , that is totally  different from the normal search engine strategies. The idea behind this search tool is  “Little freaky”  that it  lets users search for the most influential people in the media by a specific  subject or topic .However the accuracy of the search can be usually questionned out but really a good intiative taken by mBlast.

The free MPact search tool lets users input keywords and phrases, and it returns a list of the people it considers the most influential individuals on those keywords.

“We believe the only way to measure the influence of a voice is by looking at the topics and keywords that voice is writing about,” mBlast CEO Gary Lee said this week. “Measuring influence can never be properly done by assigning one score to an individual that is based on a series of somewhat generic measurements. Influence simply does not work that way.”

Typing in “Google ,” for example, tells the user that the top influencers for that subject are techii columnists Barry Schwartz and Thomas Claburn.Placing your cursor on to the columnists profile , we will get details on what publications & blogs are they currently writing .

It gives the top ten influencers per keyword or phrase, and includes profiles of writers, journalists, pundits, and bloggers and lists of their top 20 most commonly covered subjects.
Though mBlast says it uses a proprietary alogrithm to determine influence based upon publication reach, social media audience size, and a number of other factors, mPact’s influence is ultimately based on the appearance of keywords. Because of this, people become the principal influencers in subjects they probably would not want to be associated with simply because of the keywords mPact groups with their name.Though it’s not popular,Everyone can have certainly a try out, Visit mblast


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