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It’s always just a time pass to try out search queries with  Google or play with this  giant search engine,Rather than to name it as “Tricks with Google ” we term it as “Fun with Google”, yes we do have got some funny Google searches.As you know what Google does normally is on Searching  a query and Pressing “Iam Feeling Lucky” Button takes us to the primary Website which is in top of search list.We have got some Query list To have fun with Google.

To begin with  go to type any of the queries below  in search box  & Press I’m Feeling Lucky Button. You will be ending up in funny and unknown pages

  •   google phishing
  •  google elgoog
  •  Is  Google real
  •  google timemachine  – after typing this query type any query in the given sites search box
  •  is google xhtml
  •  Is  Google bad
  •  IS Google God
  •  IS Google Fake
  •  google fonts
  •  google fight
  •  google red – you could try out any colors blue/white/purple/black..
  •  google and bing are the same
  •  google dangers
  •  google zombie
  •  google dark
  •  google sphere
  •  Who’s the cutest
  •  toogle
  •  lol limewire

To have further try outs ,there are a list of websites which adds fun with Google features.

Hope some of these are new to our readers, Now have you got any , feel free to comment out


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