Hidden Folder|Create an Invisible Folder

Lots of numerous ways are there to hide a folder /creating an invisible folder for Windows OS.Here we have  got  a trick with help of character map to create an invisible folder.No need of any additional softwares , create a folder for your privacy ,Advantage of this trick is that even when you select “show hidden folder” options in Windows OS , this created folder doesn’t shows up .Of course it’s muh simple as you expect.This trick suits well for Windows7 & Vista.

First  goto start -> search -> type “character map ” , launch it ( go to RUN-> charmap.exe-> enter)
Choose the blank symbol (Just below alphabet “k”).Click it and Now Select it(click on Select button below) and Copy (Click on Copy burtton).

Now create a New folder by right clicking .Now to give the name just paste the selected charatcter map(i.e press ctrl + v) or rename the New folder  and press  ctrl + v) .Half of your job  is done .Now you have got a folder without a name .To create an invisible folder, right click on folder and choose “properties”.Select “Customize” option and click on “Change Icon”.In pop up windows Browse to blank icon.Click ok/Apply.

You will now have an hidden folder , where no one else could identify it .Now you could create any sub directories and add any files behind it .Now to view the folder just press ctr + A or Select the active window where the folder is .You could view this hidden folder  clearly if windows 7/ vista animation features are turned on.To move further out Right Click on the Invisible Folder .Select Properties and now select the Hidden Checkbox.
Alternatively you could try below trick for creating an hidden folder
Create a new  folder, name it using alt+0160 OR alt+255 (not the top hand num keys but your right hand mini numpads).A folder will be created with name 1 space, then right click the folder, properties, customize, change icon, see for a blank icon and press apply.Both above are very smart method of hiding files, but it has one pros – there will be a gap in the file listing wherever the hidden folder is placed, so you may want to order your folders so the hidden one is the last item in the folder. Another pros is you couldn’t delete those folders as normally .
Deleting the above hidden folders
1. Open command prompt and go to that directory in which your locker exist(use “cd” command)
2.  type these commands exactly like this.
attrib -h -s -r “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}”
ren  “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}” Locker
3. Now  your locker has been unlocked.
just open command prompt and rename it AS  ren alt+0160 “New Folder “

del “New Folder “

Or use Unlocker Software(Google it).You could easily use the above trick to create  files and drives without names .Obviyously this trick could be extended further , try if you can!


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