Websites|List of Useful Websites [Part 5]

List of useful websites , to have better surfing , deal better and know more on common and unknown   web services and Websites and here is the Part5 Section of Useful sites. Since we don’t want to create a list of link spam we are not hyper-linking site address rather just provides URL’s.This list well be continued as new posts.Here we like to share some funny sites as well  useful info sites.

  • Automatic personalized Google search – Just visit type the keyword you wants to search out , click any button below , you will get a link , if you click go , automatic google search is activated.
  •  Verify an Email is active or Not – Go to , enter the email id you want to check out, soon will get whether that email id exists /not(Optionally can have other ways ).
  • Know the world on your Birth date –  Visit  enter your birth year likewise “1990”.You will get long list of the events occurred on that year.
  • Cloud Services – Jump to  you will get services like browser desktop, uploading and mobile access files online.
  •  Free Online Antivirus Scanner – Have a look out on
  • Free temporary disposable email id – visit  the site , you have got your temporary e-mail address.
  • IP tools – essential online service for ip info and details visit

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