Ninite:Pick your Apps

“After Having a fresh windows/Linux  OS installation , always we are in search for applications for the  OS i.e various browsers, office software’s, chat clients, media players like wise software’s.So you have to visit your favorite websites and download these apps.What the website Ninite does is make the above task easier to us.Ninite is a web site that provides a single installer for dozens of these essential ‘free’ or ‘open source’ apps / to be clear Ninite, is a web  service that automatically downloads and installs your needed/popular software.

Just visit  the Ninite site and pick the programs you want (for instance, Firefox, iTunes, and Skype). Next, download Ninite, which installs the apps on your PC without introducing additional crap-ware. Ninite is free for personal use.

This site has handpicked a few dozen of the best free programs – browsers, instant-messaging apps, and security software (including Avast and Malwarebytes). Click which applications you want, and Ninite creates a customized package that downloads and installs each of the desired programs. Once you’ve hit “go,” walk away. Ninite will do the rest.


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