Is Art of Blogging dying?

Since we started  these mere blogging  site we received comments on our various posts  with a mix of positive and negative persuasions or view points.It’s been a nice experience that what the viewpoint others has on your Words.One of our reader commented that what is the benefit of these shared news blog? or  in other view ” there are various tech related sites that give valuable information ,so why should any one look out our blog?”.Of course it’s a real question arise on every one’s mind too , but rather as a fun or making blogging as a piece of cake for revenue ,we love to be passionate on blogging and gain/learn some experience from this platform.

Certainly we are n’t trying to highlight our blogging  to be a triumph or success  or not trying to be a philosophize but Why we are going through this words is that a recent news on a tech related site that ” the art of blogging is packing up or dying”.it’s been taken a step towards video blogging,micro blogging and social related sites like Facebook, twitter gaining the lead.(Also wide use of mobility/portable device impact) May be it would be right but art and fun  behind blogging never recoils or retreat (is our hope).

An early  available article published in the New York Times says that the number of bloggers between the ages of twelve and twenty has been reducing dramatically. The study takes this particular statistic and employs it to pose the question of whether or not blogging as a whole is starting to fall out of favor and whether or not its use as an online communication tool has died.The basic truth is that people in this generation are simply migrating over to other forms of social media like Facebook and Twitter—Facebook offers members a chance to write notes which can double as blogs and allows the user to control who can see what he or she writes. Adults are a lot more likely to build their own web properties than kidsparticularly because pesky things like parental consent will not be an issue.

But if we  have a look on different perspective apart from the above news , reality is blogging is not dying rather new trends are taking part in blogging activities.For eg: live blogging(eg: recent live blogs on Mobile conference /iPad launching etc..)  or we could view that  social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter will simply become a way for people to link to their blogs, and they are not having any danger/influence  in blogging retreat,But now also If we look beneath the content of weblogs, we can observe the common ground all bloggers share — the same basic  format.Infact every one likes to make their site or blogs as unique as compared to their competitors, but the basic  information format shared on every blog is  always same.So is micro blogging and vblogs , that it’s create just a dramatic change in blogging Infact as every one hope  it’s still  be or might be in future that remains as a tool for sharing inforamtion and ideas.
As when  blogs began  to appear back in the early 2000’s they were rightfully appreciated and scanned  for the revolutionary influence  they possessed. Anyone, big or small, white or black, fat or skinny, no matter what nationality or race one might be, he could voice out his ideas, his inner thoughts, his perspectives upon a particular subject, whatever. Shockingly enough for some people, a lot of bloggers have managed to become internationally famous and to have the opportunity of having their words devoured with eager anticipation every single day by thousands and thousands of people. From there on An even greater amount of people now call blogging their full time job or thier business.So being such an impact how could be the blogging be obsolete?

So what do you think is that blogging should  retreat as a way for Vblogs/microblogs/social networking site or are we exaggerating this issue? and  should the art of word remains through blogging?.Comment with us.


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