CPU-Z : Handy freeware for Windows OS

It’s often every user eagerness to know the detailed info  regarding the devices OR motherboard or hardware info on every PC/Netbook/any electronic device.We are not buzzing on mere system information details like amount of RAM/ HD Capacity/ like details rather a deep look into various advanced  features/details  associated with devices on any system.Lots of options are avail to read/view CPU details or main devices information of a system.You could use your inbuilt OS  tool/applications/command line tools  to view the detailed info of your hardware devices or go for any third -party system specification softwares.

Now why we could have a check in on  bit piece of application CPU-Z is that It can gather lots of different information from various different sources like CPU’s, mainboards, memory and system and read associated features like cpu family, package, technology,core speed, multiplier, FSB ,memory latency…..We wouldn’t reccomend that it’s a must/ needed tool for your Windows OS, but can have a try at these application since it’s only a mere 3 Mb size download



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