Google Offers voice recognition to Chrome browser

Speech recognition has been for-fronted much over years now ,although the technology still requires training to reduce the error margin.Up until now, mainly dictation software and software for disabled people made use of speech recognition, but the most recent advances have brought speech recognition to the brink of becoming an established technology in the mass market.With various Operating System bundling speech recognition and biometrics techniques , the way PC’s are used had taken much step ahead.

Since OS like windows / Mac introduced  Speech Recognition technology, developers began to concentrate much on this technology.Now a days many smartphones offers speech recognition capabilities.
Browsing web  with  Speech Recognition
With Windows Speech Recognition, browsing the Internet means figuring out what the objects in the web browser window are called and then saying the commands you need to interact with them.You could easily activate browsing feature through various voice commands.For browsers like Firefox ,Firesay is an interesting add-on for Firefox, as it adds speech recognition to the web browser so that users can use voice commands to issue commands in the browser.

What Chrome Offers
Google Chrome  too  has added the potential for voice recognition to the beta version of its Chrome browser in the latest update to the software.The tool works through the newly-included HTML5 speech input API and once implemented would give users the ability to add text to any input area on a website without touching the keyboard. Google said that once recorded, the audio would be sent to Google’s specialist speech servers for transcription, before being sent back to the original computer and typed into the text box.Google offers an online demo on these feature but you should have chrome 11 beta to use it.The move comes as Google continues to expand its voice recognition services from portable devices onto the desktop.Already introduced technology -Google Voice Search ( is one of the most prominent apps on the mobile side, and is available across the Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Nokia S60 and Windows platforms.

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