Gladinet Cloud Desktop

Lots of Cloud Storage services are avail online and so as the famous Amazon recently unveiled its new Cloud Drive service, which provides 5GB of free online storage. If you’ve already got an Amazon account, then setting up a Cloud Drive account is easy: You just log in to your existing Amazon account, agree to Cloud Drive’s terms of service, and you’ll be presented with 5GB of space, totally free. Once you log in to Cloud Drive, you can upload files from your Mac or PC via your Web browser and access them the same way. Amazon provides you with a few basic folders-Documents, Music, Pictures, and Video-but you can add your own, and organize your files however you like.

The only downside is that in-order to access it, you have to use Amazon’s Web-based interface. Although It’s not bad, but not much convenient as, say, a local hard drive would suits more (for eg: we could use GMail Drive–  as a Shell Extension that creates a virtual drive for your system, using any of your Gmail accounts, allowing you to use Gmail as a storage medium. It literally adds a new drive to your system under My Computer, where you can create new folders, copy, paste, drag’n’drop files to).

Enter Gladinet Cloud Desktop, which makes your Amazon Cloud Drive accessible from within Windows Explorer, just like, say, a flash drive. (Incidentally, it can do likewise with your Gmail, Picasa, SkyDrive, and other accounts.) It’s free, it’s easy, and it works.However, this won’t work unless you’ve already uploaded at least one file to your Cloud Drive using conventional means (i.e. Amazon’s Web interface). Also, if you want to do any heavy-duty file syncing, plan on investing in the $50 Pro version of Gladinet(also free version suits many users).The software is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Features of Gladinet

Map Cloud Storage as a Network Drive   
Map cloud storage as a virtual network drive
Works just like a local drive on your computer
Manage and use cloud storage with Windows® Explorer
Protect your online credentials with profile encryption*
Backup Pictures, Music, Videos and More Online
Incremental backup to one or more cloud storage services
Backup based on folders or file type
Backup Google Docs™ to local and/or cloud storage
Computer-to-Computer File Sync
Sync local folder across multiple PCs via cloud storage of your choice
Protect local file with multiple versions in the cloud
Restore to previous versions
Upgrade Explorer to a Storage Portal
Manage and use cloud storage with Windows® Explorer
Open platform supports all major providers
Drag & drop to transfer files between different storage services
Backup to multiple storage services for peace of mind
Enjoy Lightning Fast File Transfers
Manage tasks with a versatile and powerful task manager
Enjoy enterprise level scalability for large transfers
Transfer files upto 10x faster with advanced acceleration technology
After installing the program, just choose Amazon Cloud Drive from Gladinet’s list of supported services. Then enter your username and password, and presto: the program “maps” your storage as a drive on your PC. From there you can copy files to and from it like you would any other drive


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  1. There is also the Oxygen cloud offering based on Atmos.

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