CEYLON Project

CEYLON- we are n’t blogging on old name of Country  Srilanka rather on a new Programming language under development.Whether it’s right or not (Since not officially released)It’s been a wide spreading news on web that Gavin King of Red Hat(Open source distributor) recently revealed  the project that he has been working on over the past two years, CEYLON ,a new language and SDK designed that’s deeply influenced by Java or might be an  supportive/alternative for  Java in the enterprise.

Red Hat engineer Gavin King, the creator of Hibernate(Java),has undergone a new programming language for enterprise software development. Gavin King  team at Red Hat has apparently been working on the grammar in secrecy for two years and is finally opening it up for scrutiny.One of the chief goals behind Ceylon is to create a language that will be easy to learn and easy for existing Java programmers to adopt.The new language, which is called Ceylon, is focused to remedy the limitations associated with Java.According to Gavin King ” It’s more easy  and expressive and will run on existing Java virtual machines and draws on many of Java strengths while addressing some key limitations”.

There are plenty of compelling languages that run on the JVM and offer a more expressive syntax than conventional Java—some examples  include

  • Scala-www.scala-lang.org
  •  Groovy-groovy.codehaus.org
  •  Clojure-clojure.org
  •  JRuby-jruby.org
  •  Noop-code.google.com/p/noop/
  •  Gosu -gosu-lang.org/
  •  Haskell -www.haskell.org

In addition to the major syntactic differences, the Ceylon project will also aim to produce better class libraries and a better SDK than what developers get today with Java SE.

Resources on Ceylon Project

Gavin Blog, Gavin king Conference Slides , Ceylon Introduction, slashdot.org,  arstechnica


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