Virus- Top 10 Lists

At first it was the Dutch microbiologist Martinus Beijerinck (1851-1931) was the first person to use the term “virus” for the invisible disease-causing material that he showed to be self-replicating(As an biological term).However in terms of computer it’s said that Fred Cohen coined the term “computer virus”.Now where it’s variation stands out. Of course since with our mere knowledge it’s not an easy way to reveal deeper on computer viruses.A smart works from message labs helps us to identify what the current top 10 list in viruses , Trojans & blocked URL’s.

Of course including us most of the virus terms below used is not much familiar as to every readers, but just as an intend /as well as curiousness like all , to know what’s  the current virus status? , we likes to share  these results from antivirus message labs.To know more about any of these viruses / how it affects, visit your favorite antivirus site.


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