Online Contents Future -Report

It’s a prolific increase in number of active websites as of 2011 and day by day it’s topping up.As of February 2011, the number of active websites across all domains topped 100 million,up 24 million since May 2010 .Now with this increase, how does it cop up with site content.In-fact some questions arise with in this context.

  • How are people going to consume this content?
  • How will they find what they’re looking for?
  • What devices and methods will they use?
  • How will this content be monetised?
  • How will traditional forms of content delivery, such as newspapers, survive?
  • How will the content itself change?

As to all this quest has come with an detailed pdf report(International perspective), which we think every reader/content publisher/blogger/ designer/evreyone should have to view it.It also examines the role of user-centered design in responding to these far-reaching changes.This 17 page report focuses on Blogs, feeds and social networks,Mobilty,Kindle e-readers,Paywalls and micropayments,Ad revenue etc..

Download the report


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