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clickIt is relatively a difficult for every users that Windows lacks an built-in advanced context menu editor or context manager handler so that we can add additional or advanced  options to right click menu or context menu.Hopefully we expect upcoming  “Windows 8 ” will have those options.Only option avail  is to edit the registry file  manually in windows and add additional menu’s.

For eg: It is possible to add 3D Flip option in right click context menu for windows 7. These can be done by editing the registry editor for Windows.Also you could add this option in Vista , but instead of flip option you get tab switcher.

  • Click Start button, type “regedit” (without the quotation marks) and press Enter from keyboard. Accept the security prompt to run Windows registry editor:
  • Scroll down to the key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ Background \ shellex \ ContextMenuHandlers \  . Right click on the ContextMenuHandlers key, and select New > then click Key :
  • Now assign a name to  the new registry key as Flip (or anything you like).
  • Now for this key, in the right sided pane, double click on the Default value name and set the value data for the key as:
  • Click OK. Exit regedit. The 3D Flip option will appear as “Windows Switcher”.

The story doesn’t ends here, you can customize windows almost  add several hidden functionality unless if you are an expert in registry of windows(and a bit of .dll files ).Every one could customize windows to their suits by understanding the “regedit” deeply and identifying “CLSID/GUID” associated with each entry.But for a new bee or users not much familiar with “regedit”, may find the above task little difficult.

Hence we have to for a third party applications for these functionality adding up to windows.Here a few list of software’s that you could use to modify windows right click menu.

Context Menu Enhancer
With this It is possible to add entries to the general, my computer, send to and files / folders context menu. Several interesting additions are available for the general context menu, including the option to launch an elevated command prompt, create or print a file list, copy or move to folder, or enable the so called god mode.

Download CME from here

Context Menu Manager

This portable software displays all file extension management options on the first screen after it has been started. You select a file extension from the Extension List drop down menu to change file associations and shell context menu entries. New file types can be added, and existing ones removed for a clean start.You can add new context menu entries on page two, for instance to run a program with a different priority setting, or to register or unregister dynamic link libraries and ocx files.

Your Menu for Windows 7

One outstanding feature of Your Menu is the fact that the program generates a Registry file giving the user full control when the new entries are added to the Registry and assurance that only those are added to it.Your Menu allows users to add both single commands and submenus to the context menu. Single commands are usually links to executable files, such as Thunderbird or Firefox. Submenus contain several commands. Note that Your Menu refers to sub menus as “cascading commands”. Each single command and cascading command also has an associated Menu Name.A click on the “Generate REG file” button will create the file that needs to be executed to add the new entries to the Windows Registry. There is also an undo file to later remove the context menu entries from the Registry. Upon execution, the entries become available immediately.

Fast Explorer

This handy utility allows you to manage context menus items of file objects displayed in a file manager like Windows Explorer or any other application that deals with shell’s application programming interface. It’s a very simple way to make your often used file actions quickly accessible.


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  1. well said.what in post absolutely right.if we know windows registry well, we could hack windows features completely.also softwares like resource tuner, resource hacker , it’s easy to exploit windows GUI as well.

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