Funny Acronyms

Let’s have some fun on daily web acronyms.Here we gather some funny and logical expansion of common web terms we use.It’s seems to be funny but some expansions are much in sighted.With humble to most terms  and firms  and not intended to abuse any tech terms , we take it just for fun.

  • iPadI Protest Adobe(Since iPad Does not support flash)
  • OSOperating Suspended(Operating System-When hit with Virus)
  • AVAccept  Virus(if Antivirus not effective)
  • HDHoax Disk/Hopeless Disk(When Hard disk Fails)
  • IEIdle Explorer(Sometimes Internet explorer Behavior)or Internet Exploder
  • BINGBelieve Iam Not Google(Similarity in Search results with Google)
  • GOOGLEGain Or-else  Overcome Google Link Engine(SEO trick oath for Google)or God’s Only Online Gateway Linking Electronically
  • GMAILGamble Mail Again In Life(Recent gmail break down).
  • Windows XP-Windows Expired (As Microsoft ends XP support)
  • Windows VISTAVery Intelligently and Silently Acknowledged (by Microsoft that vista Has flaws) or Very Inconsistent Software – Try Another
  • WGAWindows Genuine Angry(If Windows Genuine Activation fails)
  • WWW-Now it’s changed to World Wide War (between hackers and firms) /World Wide Wait
  • Facebook-Faculty Book(rapid use of Facebook)
  • HTTPHackers Text Transfer Protocol
  • BIOSBasically Iam Origin of System
  • .XXX–  X-ray of Sexuality(Declaring porn Sites domain)
  • DOSDefective Operating System
  • IBM-I Blame Microsoft
  • MACINTOSHMost Applications Crash, If Not, The Operating System Hangs
  • YAHOOYou Always Have Other Options
  • EBAYElectronic Bid Against Yourself
  • TWITTERThoughts Which I Think They Enjoy Reading(but not a reality)
  • SSLSecurity Silently Leaked(Recent Comodo SSL security flaw)
  • LINUXLending Internet Unauthorized Xerox of OS
  • eBookEnemy of Books

Have any more ? share with us


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  1. much logical thing that this blog focus on varied internet news and updates
    more watchful titles too
    my picks
    LINUX- Late internet Unix Xerox
    BING-Bold INtimate of Google
    eBooks- enjoy Books
    YAHOO-Yelling Again for Other Options
    GOOGLE-Great Odd Of Gods Love for Electronic
    BIOS-Baby i on your System

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