Internet Statistics and Trends

Here we present some updated statistics which make our giant Internet alive.Although the accuracy of these stats can be questioned , it’s from some top and popular website sources that monitor the internet periodically.The stats include Domain Counts, top browsers, top browser OS used, total IP addresses, top Internet Countries usage.

It’s been estimated by that there are 129,972,284 Top level Domains(TLD)currently as of March 31 2011.According to their status On March 31st, it’s stated that 155,340 new domains  registered and 100,839 domains deleted, resulting in a net gain.

domain statusAmong the top active domains became first , along with other as below

Total no of IP Addresses as below

Top 5 Countries having  IP address

Top browser as per usage currently as on March

Top browser OS as per usage as on March

Top 20 Countries with highest no of Internet users

Sources of stats

Note:Any further stats you can share ? comment


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