List of Useful Websites[Part 3]

List of useful websites , to have better surfing , deal better and know more on common and unknown   web services and Websites and here is the Part3 Section of Useful sites.Now this list focus on some conversion tools online, some eBook  sites,searching … Since we don’t want to create a list of link spam we are not hyper-linking site address rather just provides URL’s.This list well be continued as new posts. -is an all-in-one social messaging application for your smartphone. Be it your latest Android phone or your iPhone, HighNote allows you to send free messages to other users with the app and even include rich media like pics and videos to your messages. online Conversion tool.Almost every file you can deal with. on how places change with time. Have you ever imagined what your native city looked like in the past? If yes then What Was There is a website you should definitely visit. What Was There is a wonderful website that lets people upload old photographs of places in the world. your home videos into animated flip books. Much more appealing than another DVD. interactive activities such as video games and sports available, children are hesitant to read books in their free time. To get young children to pay more attention to reading, one solution would be to make reading more interactive. a web based file search engine that can help you find almost any kind of file. You can search for mp3 audio, jpeg images, doc and excel files, CSS stylesheets, PDF documents, archived files in zip format and many more. Unlike most other similar services, it doesn’t depend on a search engine like Google for its results.’t decide what to read next? Simply enter a book title and/or author that you like and the site will recommend a number of books for you. your favorite books by email (on your PC, mobile, etc.). another useful file conversion tool for mathematical +computational conversion , currently supporting conversion in 22 categories.

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