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wwwTrust can’t be fixed within mere words or talks ,often it comes from experiences you have.Are we right or not ? We now focus on trustworthy web hosting .web hosting industry has spawned a broad range of niche markets over the years.There are so many hosting packages out there!  So How will you ever choose  one?This Quest matters everyone including us too.

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Your product’s information should be available to everyone with the help of just a few clips. Web hosting can make or break your website so careful selection is very important.Let us start this with brief  type of web hosting aside of us,  Ranging from shared hosting to dedicated hosting, as well as all the hybrids in between, each type of web hosting presents its own set of pros and cons. Also Cloud Web Hosting Is now a  Popular Trend For 2011.

Shared Hosting-As the name implies, shared hosting is a service arrangement where you share bandwidth, disk space capacity and various network resources with other paying customers.
Dedicated Hosting -Dedicated web hosting is the exact opposite of the shared variety. Instead of sharing the server with other customers, the hardware is dedicated exclusively to your website needs
VPS Hosting -A virtual private server, or VPS, represents a technology that is rapidly emerging in the web hosting industry. A VPS is created by software that partitions a single physical server to establish multiple virtual servers within it. Known as virtualization, this process results in a number of isolated environments with the ability to perform many of the same functions as an individual machine.
Managed Hosting -In its most common application, managed hosting refers to the full servicing of a dedicated server. This service aims to alleviate the complexities and technical challenges of managing a web server. Though server management is the main feature, other options range from web application and database administration to monitoring and extensive support.
Reseller Hosting -Reseller hosting has emerged in recent times, providing entrepreneurs and small businesses with an opportunity to profit from the flourishing web hosting industry. As a reseller, you purchase a service plan from a hosting provider equipped with a certain amount of disk storage, bandwidth and features. This gives you the ammunition you need to sell web hosting plans to customers looking to build their presence online.
Did we miss any?Help us by comments.Now “THE PICTURE IS IN FRONT OF YOU” .Quest comes which should i choose?

  • Assessing  Your Needs

As every experts say Assess your need/goal/objective so ever what it’s..What sort of website are looking to host? For eg: Small personal homepages will have very different hosting criteria from large company websites. In broad, it is important to determine exactly what you plan to host now, and ideally take into consideration anything you are planning to host in the immediate future.Also make a budget that suits you.

  • Research and Research

It’s a common practice and every experts/site masters/site owners   talks  about it.Nothing to say more, well research your favorite  host providers regarding their traffic , popularity….

  • Old Age Info

Registration information about the history of your domain is a primary resource of data that is used. More trust may be offered to a public registration than a private registration. Maintaining a physical address on your website also helps to establish trust. The hosting information, integrity of the data, security that is in place to protect the user and that business’ willingness to protect the user’s data all speak to the trustworthiness of a host domain.

  • Security can’t be Afford

In fact it matters most, whatever optimization you have done if the web hosting provider is not have primary security policies ,it matters.Even the most reputable organizations are at risk to those with malicious intent spread by hackers.Also If you collect user information in a web form or other form of data transfer, it is important you have a well written privacy policy and employ a form of secure data transfer (i.e. SSL Certificate) and advise your users how that information is being used.

  • 99.9% Up time

Is your hosting company keeping your Web site up and running? How often your site is online ?Use various online service to check various charts and status of various hosting provides regarding their up time .

  • Bandwidth, Storage Space, Hardware, Speed, FREE control panel , FTP access  & Programming Language Support matters

If you anticipate a hugely popular site that takes off from day one, you will need hosting that can give you a large amount of bandwidth for a reasonable price.Do you care how long it takes for your site to load? It is a well known fact that, the more images a site contains, the slower it will load in a viewer’s browser. When you plan on using lots of images or providing downloadable files to your visitors you need hosting that will accommodate those needs. This will cost more money than the average hosting plan, but it is well worth the expense. If your site is small, you might not care about loading time.if your website pages upload quickly, both your customers and the search engines will like you more
Also availability of Storage space, Hardware should be given vital preference.Get state-of-the-art technology to ensure your solution is cost efficient, reliable and performs well. More up to date server kit delivers stronger processing power while using less energy. This reduces your carbon footprint, helping the environment.Broad programming language support and access to a large open source library, so it will be easy to integrate your new website to work with the software you already use

  • Premonitoring various Host Providers

The only true way to preview a hosting company’s performance is to find the name of a Web site that’s hosted there, and then monitor that site for a week.Means analyse their up time/off time , trace routes, trust worthy ip address(black listed) or not

  • Ask experts/ go for forums

It’s common to get help from the experts when you are new to the field. Some site developers will even let you share their server space while you figure out which hosting options are best for your project.

  • What additional Services they offer?

Online marketing services to use once your website is up and running since they won’t come just because you built it; including paid advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, press release services, and other off-site optimization that helps your rankings in Google and other search engines.Email with virus and spam protection so you can provide secure and professional emailing that matches your business brand

  • 24/7/365  Support ,Back Up and Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are indispensable

The most important thing one should look for, cause you can kill your Blog or site if they don’t reply or avail support in time. Usually most of Web Host don’t make the backups of the sites they host, but many reputed hosts makes the backup of the sites which they host.

  • Pricing Plans

You can find different host with different hosting plans it can be high, it can be low but  suggest is that if you see any low pricing plans then never go for it until you are satisfied with all the above things.

It’s got many other views to choose a trustworthy hosting provides like Server Optimization,Live System   like this .Have you had any further choices left or whether we miss any ,for choosing a trustworthy host provides,Please feel free to comment .


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