Is Torrents Safe

torrentsTorrents  usage have spread dramatically since it’s introduction , also  increasingly filled with malwares or viruses over the years.  Famous  films, games, software and porn are obvious targets of spreading viruses through torrent.  Bottom line ,People continually doubts, are torrents safe?

Reports says that malware writers generally assume  or presume that torrent users usually does a lower regard for computer security, this may or may not be true.  Of course, a tech savvy is somewhat aware of their computers security.So Bottom line, are torrents safe? Certainly not , and you’re at a far greater risk for downloading various viruses.

How can I stay safe on torrent sites?

Basic theory is stay away from torrents, but we can’t ? the need takes us there.However just try these tips.

  • Don’t discard comments

Pretty much the most sure fire method is to pay attention to comments.  If a torrent has no comments, simply stay away.  When you go to a torrent site there is normally a community backing it up. Before you click the ‘download torrent’ button check the user comments. Normally they will tell you if the file is safe or not or if it even works.

  • Go through seeds

Download torrents with high seeds.  Now this is a good rule to have just to make sure you get the fastest download speeds.   In addition torrents with high seeds are generally legitimate (but NOT always!)  You can’t just trust seeders blindly, so remember everything you are downloading is at your own risk! Always  have a look at how many peers and seeds there are. For torrents with viruses there should be a very low number of seeds, practically none. This is because people would definitely not seed virus, and additionally they would have already deleted the files because obviously it is a threat to their compute

  • Watch what’s in Folder Contents

Next you should study the contents of the torrent file. If it is just an .exe file by itself, then more than likely it is a threat in every case.Furthermore, before you click the download button you can see what the torrent consists of. There is normally a ‘file’ button or just a section on the torrent page that will tell you what is exactly in your download. So if you’re downloading a TV show or something and you don’t see any video file types don’t download it.

  • Become a part of sandbox technology

Sandbox on your own system that will protect your critical system files and operating system from malicious threats .A security sandbox is essentially a virtual environment where programs can run safely without having an effect on the overall system.  This is especially useful when browsing the web or testing an untrusted program from perhaps an unknown or untrusted source.Software’s that use sandbox technology includes VMWare ,, comodo.Encourage using  virtual system technology software’s like returnil virtual system or disk protection or Microsoft steady state software so that you can rollback if system got infected.

  • keep up an additional firewall

Well it depend on your needs , use it or don’t ,i.e Apart from your built in firewall , better add an additional firewall security such as Zonealarm .

  • scan everything

Not much to say about that !Whatever antivirus solution you are using, make sure you individually SCAN EVERYTHING  before viewing, installing, listening or executing!

  • Use fake torrent finder

Some torrent sites itself provides services to find fake torrent finder , One such is fenopy .

  • Use trusted and widely used Torrents  site/ torrent software’s

Yes, go for trusted sites like toorgle(powered by Google).

Overall any doubt in  torrents , terms like seed ,peers ,leeches  download  PDF  on Torrents


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