Blogging Mistakes

Blogging mistakesIt’s casual weakness(strength) for all bloggers/tech writers/ , the thought for making their site at top or generating  high traffic . Often we learn from mistakes is it? but it would be nice if we know what experience others does.It’s reality that our blog “techtimely”  is not a big traffic site or we aren’t any much experienced blogger but on other side we have gained some positive comments from our readers too.So here we are sharing our little thoughts on blogging.

Content is the King
No matter how does your blog looks,it’s truly the content matters.Usually someone visits your site like for a real life news through various search engines/promos , now if it’s a casual news , he reads it ,jump to other site for similar news,No bookmarking, no comment , you are a looser!.We do had certain posts that we thought might be useful to readers, but it wasn’t .The replies and bookmarks we got are mainly from an article that’s easy to read , but having useful facts and more importantly updated articles.Critics would comment that if your site does a good look and your SEO is done then it’s all OK.But fact is content matters!

Expecting Readers on Your views
Yes it’s a true that our blog blueprints our thoughts and views ,We commit that our words are reality , but it isn’t ,Readers have got different perspectives and smart view than ours.We have got criticism from various readers for our posts and we learned that to have too care on posts when it’s forecaster to the big “WWW”.And often you should/must have a valuable knowledge on your posts as it depends on.It’s not that by mere copy paste or having articles from other sites helps your site too, It doesn’t help! Go with  different perspective on your posts

Don’t ever Exaggerate your articles
It’s simple, be true and loyal to our posts and views. Make sure that you ever don’t overcast some news or articles or surveys that gained from other sites.It will lead to negative effects on readers.Make sure the site links you share are safe and secure .And don’t ever be shy to link the source website you have got the article or links of videos/images or don’t try to mess with other sites those have incoming links or sharing your article  of your blog.Overall web info news are to be shared/open not closed .In fact we too have got variable ideas and articles from other sites(With out violating copyrights).

Too fast / quick to your posts, then lesser quality
Firstly content matters as well as quality matters.If Be too quick on your articles , so you miss some vital info regarding that post.Daily posting might increase your traffic but so fast on it , the less attention post gets.It’s simple theory make a deep research on your post/ views/ideas.

Too much Socialization/Selfpromotion
Twitter, buzz, myspace, facebook, friendfeed , stumble the list goes on , and in most  site masters advise to have socialize your articles.So that better chance to get more noticed. Don’t Ignore  Social Media But in reality too much self promotion . self promoting comments might bite you back that you spend much time for these practices. As an blogging expert says “Over-dosing on social media can keep you from completing the most important task, which is producing quality content“.However chhosing a big blogging brand /platform will  better suits, since it updates new blogging  features rapidly.Also take care, Moreover too much socialization widgets on your site results in slow loading .

Don’t let to die words instead of videos
It’s been an incoming fact that blogging is tending towards micro blogs and vblogs(video),People doesn’t wants to waste their time in reading rather likes to  watch.But as a true blogger try to promote blog articles through words and a little mixture of videos and images.

To be true these are our views and tips on blogging mistakes .Most might disagree/agree , we invites our readers too to help our blog better.Now feel free to comment , What blogging mistakes have you made? Let’s share !


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  1. Nice tips .useful posts on this site.To make blogg bettr content matters.Your blog apppears nice to me .Not much advertise helpful site

  2. a good one, the exact points are discussed here.

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