Linux Live USB Creator v2.7.3

linuxliveLiLi USB Creator is free software for Windows that allows you to create a bootable Live USB key with a Linux on it.LiLi is a completely free and open-source software for Windows only. It has been built with simplicity in mind and it can be used by anybody. All you have to do is to pick up a Linux in the list and give it a try, it’s Just  3.3 MB.

No reboot needed

Are you sick of having to reboot your PC to try Linux ? No need with LiLi. It has a built-in virtualization feature that lets you run your Linux in Windows just out of the box !

Support on  many Linux distributions

Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, OpenSUSE, Mint, Slax, CentOS, ArchLinux, Gentoo, PCLinuxOS, Sabayon, BackTrack, Puppy Linux …The current compatibility list (2.7.3) contains 233 Linux distributions in 11 categories and 122 are persistence-enabled.Even if your favorite Linux Distribution is not in the list they have great chances of working well right out of the box. This is done by a  feature the “default mode”. Default mode is designed to work with as many Linux as possible.


Having a Live USB is better than just using a Live CD because you can even save your datas and install softwares. This feature is called persistence (available only on selected Linux).

SmartClean & SmartDownload

SmartClean uninstalls properly any previous Live USB installs and SmartDownload lets you download any supported Linux in 2 clicks automatically selecting the best mirror to download it.SmartClean also lets you clean your USB key in one click.An other features includes.
  • Intelligent processing : LiLi works with many Linux, even if they are not officially supported
  • Hidden install : LiLi hides the Linux install, your key stays clean
  • File integrity : tells you if your ISO is corrupted
  • Keeps your data on your USB device (format only if needed)
  • Intelligent format : can format disks bigger than 32 GB
  • Auto-Update : automatic updates when new Linux distributions are available
  • Also works with .IMG files (experimental)


LiLi is now translated in 16 languages so spread the word ! New languages available in 2.7 are :

  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian (Bahasa)

Some New Linux Distributions supported :

  • Debian 6.0.0 Gnome/KDE/Xfce/LXDE/Standard (with persistence)
  • CrunchBang 10 “Statler” Xfce/OpenBox (with persistence)
  • XBMC Live 10.0 “Dharma” (with persistence)
  • Linux Mint Debian 2011-01 Gnome DVD (with persistence)
  • DouDou Linux 2010-11 (with persistence)
  • Linux Mint 10 “Julia” (KDE) DVD

And lots more version supported ,Visit Liveusblinux


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