Linux 2.6.38 kernel Released

Linux kernelLinux strikes again! yes, the latest update to the Linux operating-system kernel features a number of enhancements that should offer a performance boost, particularly for running databases and other programs that require maximum resources from the server.The 2.6.38 kernel features some “really deep changes,” noted Linux creator and manager Linus Torvalds in an e-mail announcing the release. This kernel has been released only 10 weeks after the previous version, 2.6.37.

Major changes include in achievement of  speed performance, including the addition of new technologies such as automatic process grouping and transparent huge pages. It also includes significant improvements in the VFS (virtual file system).These are only two of many changes that have an impact on Linux users. For instance, the DRM/KMS graphics drivers now support various newer graphics chips by AMD and NVIDIA; the developers also improved the Wi-Fi drivers for Atheros, Broadcom, Intel, Ralink and Realtek chips and extended them to support further hardware components. Linux 2.6.38 will reach users in the Ubuntu 11.04 and Fedora 15 Linux distributions.

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  1. Linux strikes again ! who r you dude ? opensource linux only advantage for servers not for desktop ,it lacks.

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