SurF File Manager

Very often problem that arrives on Windows OS platform is that folder access permission denial.Those are the popups “Access is denied” show up when you access a specific folder .This is a common issue in Windows ,the reason due to fact that specific  user  rights are disabled for these folders(requiring administrative privileges).There are some files and folders that are meant only for Administrators to access, if you are not an administrator then you cannot access it and will instead get Access Denied error.

Might be several reasons ,such as  Windows itself lock access to folder as a result of enhanced security, or a specific application could lock your folder permissions, or due to UAC , or it could be some sort of viruses playing with your files or it could be your  favorite antivirus locked the folder.Common solution is by taking  ownership of the folder by right  clicking  it’s The way to fix this error is to give yourself permission to access the file or folder. This can be done by going to Properties and then navigating to Security tab.But there are  worst  case scenarios  even by taking ownership doesn’t solve the problem.
Also the file explorer built with Windows doesn’t suits  as we go for  a third party software .Hence the need for a file manager arises which could overcome these difficulties.Sensibly the file manager should be light weight size or should less consume your CPU and RAM resources and most important it should be free.Commonly experts refer Software such as  Total commander,Xplorer2 like wise but you should certainly might have a look at  “SurF- free open source File Manager”
SurF is an innovative free, open source Windows (XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7) file manager that offers tree organized tabs, allowing you to work with multiple folders simultaneously and easily switch between them. It offers customizable view settings with predefined file, time, size, and image views. Quick access to standard file management features such as delete, copy, rename, and browsing comfortably provided for both mouse and keyboard users. You can also access all regular Explorer options via the standard right-click menu. Advanced full text search finds information in all kind of files. Other features include real-time highlighting of new and changed files (briefly, for one second), directory auto-complete search, support for advanced NTFS capabilities (compression, alternate data streams, hard and symbolic links, junction points), network support and more.

File manager
It’s interface is very  simple  but offers various functionality ,only problem is little outdated as last release was in February 24, 2009.However everyone can have a try on it.Visit Surf File manager


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