List of Useful Websites[Part 2]

WebsitesList of useful websites , to have better surfing , deal better and know more on common and unknown   web services and Websites and here is the Part2 Section of Useful sites(Here is List of Useful Websites[Part 1]).Now the list goes beyond some funny entertainment websites and Interactive sites.Since we don’t want to create a list of link spam we are not hyper-linking site address rather just provides URL’s.This list well be continued as new posts.

  •– check whether your  blog is down or not
  •– All about iPad  accessories
  •– Movie review similar concept as
  • -It is entertaining, human-powered, informative, and current. Finding Dulcinea is the only website,  provides extensive information on a variety of topics like On This Day:Explore what happened in history on the past days of the week
  •– Read online publications and self publish digital magazines, eBooks and more.
  •– phone technical info, review, opinions
  •–  is essentially a digital archive of the internet.  Hit a page that isn’t working or doesn’t exist anymore?  Type that address in the search bar and the Wayback Machine allows you to see versions of the same address at different points in time?  Not only is it interesting to see a timeline of different versions of the same website, it’s incredibly helpful when you’re looking for a file that’s not longer available.
  •– Fav 2.0 is a nice way to use your most visited websites(as Favorite sites). Set it as homepage and add your most visited sites.
  •– Use Faves t to see what your friends find interesting on the Web. It’s a fun and easy way to stay in touch. Faves’s free Web site allows users to find, save and share interesting Web content with friends and family.
  •– With Pandora you can explore to your heart’s content. Just drop the name of one of your favorite songs or artists into Pandora and let the Genome Project go. It will quickly scan its entire world of analyzed music, almost a century of popular recordings – new and old, well known and completely obscure – to find songs with interesting musical similarities to your choice.
  • has been a leading provider of online computer hair imaging since December 2000 and sits atop an extensive website packed with information about hair (feature articles, product reviews, blogs) and a thriving hairstyle obsessed social network.
  •– Create a new look and share it with friends. Get the latest beauty tips and the hottest trends. It’s all free, sign up and try us out!
  • -SmallWorlds is a 3D virtual world(like second world) that runs inside your web browser. It enables you to build your own room, house, or even your own world, and fill it with a wide variety of items and fun activities.
  • -Interactive Web 2.0 periodic table with dynamic layouts showing names, electrons, trend visualization, orbitals, isotopes, search.

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