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browsersWhich web browser do you use? Often it’s always a quest which is the top/powerful/commonly used browser. As entries include Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, avant, Amaya the list goes on..However it’s a fact that every browser has got it’s own merits and demerits over other browsers. Focusing on better speed surfing and plug-in management in Chrome and Firefox doesn’t mean by all that they are top browsers. Frequent crash occur for Firefox with available plugins, also memory usage and built in adblock a problem. As still stats go for IE , in browser market share ,Plugin and addon, tab management, frequent security flaws problems in IE gets focused .With IE9 release It is expected to be generally faster, more secure, and more standards compliant.

While for Chrome’s multi-process design makes it  stable because faulty code or a crashed add-on in one tab won’t cause the whole browser to cease functioning, however memory hogs in Chrome is serious problem. Compared to other top 3 browsers, Safari and Opera are been emerging trends in browser market as there updated versions improve now and then, although they lacks features like few extensions but  experiences fewer security issues than other browsers, partly because hackers typically don’t bother with low market share browsers. Comparing growth of Safari with other browsers in terms of speed, security, and flexibility is splendid but it too have crash flaw. New browsers share also been increased such as Camino, Avant, Rockmelt, maxthon, flock, deepnet, phaseout etc…

Overall speed and stability of various browsers much depend under which platform they run, as the comparison scope not only ends with PC/Desktops/Laptops, it extends to Mobility Platforms too.Every Browser’s now focus on late web trends such as HTML5, WebGL, Hardware acceleration.3D.. , compete gets hotter. Expert’s categories’ top performance browsers under these reasons:

  • Better Surfing speed in all terms (images/videos/downloads)
  • Better Security/Privacy/Cookie/Reliable Management
  • Better Platform Support (i.e. OS/hardware Support)
  • Better Display and adapt to later Web technologies
  • Better Memory and Process management
  • Better crash recovery/Troubleshooting Management
  • Better Plugin/Addon Management
  • Better Interface (GUI)
  • Better Bookmarking, Synchronizationand Offline management
  • Better Update and Online Support Management
  • Better developer Management

Latest Web Statistics and Trends from w3schools, toptenreviews, consumersearch and other stats prefer is given to Firefox and Internet Explorer as the two most popular browsers. As like most of you we  too are little skeptic on these stats(since most reviews are one sided or aimed on market share) and suggest  to comment our readers about their  top and favorite browsers and why ?Also what additional features should browser supports?


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  1. Always prefer 1. firefox
    iam expecting 3d browsing featues on browsers without any plugin

  2. Firefox is bull shit ! as it crash always chrome sucks! google sent out frequent unnecessary port connection and updates frequently and GUI is very bad not user friendly safari and opera is my favorite as compared to others,And all these browsers install files on your OS to know more on your identity and your browsing details! believe it’s true!

  3. Ofcourse every browser has it’s own merits and demerits.It’s fact that all browsers are been aimed by hackers and privacy always an issue.Regarding browser’s itself installing hidden files and getting your identity-i don’t agree.
    to me
    IAM EXPECTING IE9 but no XP support is an issue. Microsoft is not giving much preference in developing reliable browsers although there development technology is far better

  4. Primly your blogpost seems to be good and neaty,but requires updted tech news
    Considering the RAM that browser took , will go for firefox, and it’s speedy.
    For plugins also firefox is good.
    For better GUI safari is best .
    i don’t prefer chrome at all.
    iam expecting a universal browser , which includes different modes to choose ,that is firefox mode, opera mode,IE mode, safari mode.it should contain only single installation file for all OS platforms ,so that we could chose mode such as windows installation mode/linux installation mode like it is. and also bit(32 bit ,64..) mode too.
    i don’t prefer 3d browsing since hardware requirement is high!
    i wan’t features such as a smart intelligent encryption technique in your browser, so that your ISP can’t watch or identify which sites you are visiting or any built in proxy technique although some browsers have.
    ALSO prefer built in antivirus and firewall with browsers

  5. nice post but shld wanna be detailed
    that’s all for me .
    i love safri it been speedy and RAM usage nor big problem for me since i acquire high RAM
    FOR me browser should have differenr modes

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