Google Flue-maps global disease trends

Google Flue trendsSoftware-based disease alert systems are considered to be excellent indicators.Type in a search for flu in Google and you will not only find out how sick you are but your data will also be recorded on its flu monitoring service.The service, which is part of the search engine’s philanthropic arm,, is just one of many software-based disease alert systems dotted around the worldwide web.By gathering aggregate data from millions of people or by scouring the web for online news reports, blogs and chat room postings, these programs are considered to be excellent indicators of disease levels across the globe.

Google flue trends , aggregated Google search data  exactly shows current flue trends in various nations.By clicking on each country, users will also find charts of flu levels over time, month to month.Other systems, like the Global Public Health Intelligence Network and Health Map , employ a different method.They  essentially employs a web crawling tool very similar to Google, that  scrolls  the web through tens of thousands of websites, every hour looking for specific clues about infectious diseases.However While these software-based disease alert systems may be quick and user friendly the real question is just how accurate are they compared to official bodies such as the World Health Organization?


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