Mozilla’s first release of Web Apps Project

Mozilla Web Apps,firefox,browserMozilla urges its primary step towards  forming  an ecosystem of web apps and in comparison with both Google and Apple, a completely open alternative. The company has announced it’s first developer release of its Web Apps Project along 17 demo applications, stable APIs, developer utilities and documentation to help people get a jump start on building Web Apps.Unlike Google’s Chrome Web Store, which launched in December with apps from big names like the New York Times, Sports Illustrated and NPR, Mozilla’s project is off to a modest start, with a series of disparate parts that will eventually combines into a full-blown platform.

The first step is to install the Mozilla Web App extension, which places an app launcher in the browser’s toolbar, for either Firefox or Chrome. Yes, as opposed to the Chrome Web Store, Mozilla’s approach is browser-agnostic. Once the extension is installed, you can check out some demo apps. There’s also a gallery of user interface concepts, as well as a concept web app dashboard that looks promising; some apps are capable of displaying live information from the launcher, kind of like Windows Phone 7’s live tiles.

The demos are basically just links to other websites and don’t include any particular design tweaks to make them feel more app-like. However, eventually Mozilla plans to add native browser controls, OS integration, and mobile device syncing. The video below provides a teaser of the kinds of functionality users can expect from Mozilla’s Web App Store, which includes things like launching applications with a single click, enabling them to interface with certain websites, or creating widgets to get updates from your favorite sites. 

Check out Mozillalabs apps


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