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HTML5,Internet,technology,technewsHTML5,CSS3,WebGl,WebCL….. web trends are getting juicy , and top web competitors Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple and Google are been eager to showcase how there browsers adapt to these trends.Just ahead of the final release of Firefox 4 Mozilla has unveiled a new HTML5/CSS3 showcase to demo some of the new web standards support coming in Firefox 4. Google and Microsoft both released similar efforts to showcase Chrome and Internet Explorer 9, respectively. And, of course, there was Apple’s effort, but,  some poor coding decisions, Apple’s showcase only works in Safari.For viewing demo click on the links below.Mozilla’s new Web o’ Wonders website will work in any modern browser, though the video elements use the WebM codec, so you’ll need either Firefox 4, Chrome or Opera to watch the movies. Refreshingly, Mozilla’s Web o’ Wonders doesn’t conflate the various new web standards under the singular banner of HTML5 — SVG, JavaScript, CSS 3 and HTML5 are all called out separately, by name.From Google capabilities are on display at Chrome Experiments, a site that Google set up to showcase some of the coolest demos on the web for JavaScript apps, intricate CSS layouts and animations done with Canvas.

Among the good news for web developers in IE 9 is support for CSS 3’s border-radius property, opacity in images, CSS media queries and the new web fonts format, WOFF. IE9’s WOFF support even has a nice showcase: a series of CSS font experiments dubbed Lost World’s Fairs. Using WOFF and Typekit, web designers Jason Santa Maria, Frank Chimero and Naz Hamid have put together some very impressive font demos to advertise World’s Fairs that never happened .
Apple posted a showcase of “HTML5 and web standards” on its website Thursday that highlights the level of support for the emerging standard in the company’s Safari and Mobile Safari browsers.

NOTE:If you want a comprehensive demo for HTML5 Standard Visit DemoHTML.For more on WebGl, visit our earlier post WebGL


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