Firefox v.3.6.15 released

Firefox v3.6.15

After the release of Firefox v 3.6.14, Mozilla developers forced to have a  quick updated release of Firefox ,as fixed the issues found in previous version.This release addressed an issue where some Java applets would fail to load in Firefox 3.6.14.Meanwhile  Firefox 2011 road map was updated to reflect this change in development and to outline the “planned strategy and direction for Firefox in 2011″. Probably the most interesting part from an end user perspective is the priorities listing at the very beginning of the road map.

Snaps from Firefox road maps in 2011

  • Ship Firefox 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the 2011 calendar year
  • Always respond to a user action within 50 ms
  • Never lose user data or state
  • Build Web Apps, Identity and Social into the Open Web Platform
  • Support new operating systems and hardware
  • Polish the user experience for common interaction tasks
  • Plan and architect for a future of a common platform on which the desktop and mobile products will be built and run Web Apps

Firefox Product Vision: What the web looks like in 24-36 Months

Now just take a view on smart  screencast  on Firefox road maps and vision of the webpage from Mozilla on below video .Have fun!

From Mozilla 2011 road maps


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