Wikipedia’s 10th year and Interesting facts

As Wikipedia celebrated it’s 10th anniversary on January 15, 2011, , video (narrated by founder and CEO Jimmy Wales)  ,the State of Wikipedia  explores the rich history and inner-workings of the web-based encyclopedia, . With more than 17 million articles in over 270 languages, Wikipedia has undoubtedly become one of the most visited and relied upon sites on the web today. However there is always a constant debate in Wikipedia accuracy.

Wikipedia, like the Internet, is still in its relative infancy but has come a long way, as evidenced by its very name being entered into our everyday lexicon, so following  the video  there is an infographic from  Onlinemba that stipulates details its still recent beginnings and some facts you may not already know about it also.Note:For viewing  better click on image and Zoom


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