Send Emails with Personal Digital Handwritting

Very often fonts become an awful factor , while sending an email to your friends, as you always love to see better appearence for your words.Of-course true words are a blueprint of your mind , when you send it to your dear ones.However words typed or written using computers does not have a personal touch.How interesting it would be if you can have your own personal digital handwriting(Often you can write, scan and send as images or PDF’s,but it lacks,doesn’t it?) , then the words typed by you will look like you have written them with hands , and that’s what this application PilotHandwriting does .
PilotHandwriting allow you to create your own digital handwriting  and its very easy to use it . You need to create an account at Take a print of pilothandwriting template and write in the alphabets and character in the boxes with your hand in the template .Watch the video below for the demo.

After you are done with writing  upload the picture of the template . You can use scanner , webcam or digital camera for this work . Your digital handwriting is now ready and you can now send handwritten emails . The character which you type with keyboard will now look like you have written with you hand.

Please share any other such service which you know?


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