Create online news paper free

Do you have ever wish to publish any story in the newspaper? Now you can create news articles with any headline, article text and date.Creating an online news paper will be fun if your site or blog articles can be  published as an e-paper . There are lot of  sites for having online epaper for your articles. has a nice Free Newspaper Generator where users can Create Free Online Newspaper for themselves.Users have to provide the Newspaper name, Article Title and the Content of the Article. would create a Newspaper alike Image with the Content you have uploaded on the Newspaper Generator. The Online Newspaper Generator Tool just gives you a feeling of a real newspaper.

  • Crayon

CRAYON is a tool for managing news sources on the Internet and the World Wide Web. CRAYON uses a simple analogy that everyone can understand – a newspaper to organize periodical information.The result is a news page customized for you with the daily information that you are most interested in.

  • Instapaper

A simple tool to save web pages for reading later.Instapaper is optimized for the iPhone.



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