Tips on VLC Player

VLC is the one of most popular and widely used  media player because it supports  almost every format .But VLC can do a lot of other things as well as which normal user do not know about this.Take a look at some of VLC tricks

  • Download Youtube and other Online videos

First grab the URL of the YouTube video page. Now click on Media –>Open Network stream. Paste the URL and click Play.

Once VLC starts streaming the video, click Tools –>Codec Information and at the bottom of the window you will see a Location box. Copy the URL and paste it on your browser’s address bar. The browser will now download the file which you can save it to your hard disk. Alternatively, you can record the video.

  • Record videos with VLC Player

With the new VLC, you can record videos during playback. The record button is hidden by default. To see it, click on View–>Advanced Control. The record button will now appear. Clicking on the button while playing a movie or video will start recording. Clicking again will stop recording.

  • Play in ASCII mode

VLC media player has an amusing ability, to playback movies in ASCII art. To enable ASCII mode, open VLC media player and click on Tools –>Preferences. Open the section “Video” section and under “Output” select “Color ASCII art video output” from the drop down menu. Save it. Now play any video file to enjoy the ASCII art.

  • Listen to radio

VLC includes hundreds of Shoutcast radio stations. You just need to enable it through Media –>Services Discovery –> Shoutcast radio listings. Now, open the Playlist and browse through the stations.

  • Convert videos
In VLC you can convert video and audio files from one format to another. Several different formats are supported like MP4, WMV, AVI, OGG, MP3 etc. To access the converter:
* Go to Media –>Convert/Save.
* Load the file you want to convert using the Add button and click Convert.
* Now choose the output format and output file location.
  • Take snapshots of video

Go to Tools > Preferences > Video. Under video snapshots, enter the directory, a prefix, check ‘sequential numbering’ and choose a format. The default is .png.To take the snapshot while the video is playing, go to Video > Snapshot.Alternatively, you can take a snapshot using the keyboard with the hotkey [Shift] + [S].To use a button to take a snapshot, go to Tools > Advanced Controls. The snapshot button appears on the playback bar.

  • Adjust video color

In the playback bar, click on the icon that looks like the equaliser for lesser media players. This is right next to the playback button.Then select the ‘video effects’ tab. The ‘basic’ tab will be selected by default. Check the ‘image adjust’ checkbox. From here, you can adjust the hue, saturation, contrast, brightness and gamma of the image. There is also a ‘brightness threshold’ slider.The changed take place in real time, an this can be used to enhance dark videos.


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