Adobe Flash Player 10.2 released

Adobe has released Flash Player 10.2, for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms ,an update that focuses primarily on speed and performance improvements. Adobe calls “Stage Video hardware acceleration,” while  the company claims that it  will decrease processor usage and enable higher frame rates, reduced memory usage, and greater pixel fidelity and quality.

It is a known fact that playing full HD videos off the web hogs your CPU and network bandwidth. Even if you have a bandwidth, the CPU gets loaded while playing a full 1080p HD video. With Flash Player 10.2 update, the Stage Video feature will enable playback of 1080p HD video with mere 1-15 percent CPU usage, claimed Tom Nguyen, product manager for Flash Player and AIR at Adobe.

Test on various platforms

  • Windows users achieves an acceleration  particularly with 1080p video that has been optimized with the Stage Video hardware acceleration.
  • Mac users must adopt  OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in order for Stage Video to take advantage of hardware acceleration.
  • Good news for HD videos ,but it also means less drain on your laptop’s batteries, one of the main complaints leveled at Flash Player

However in order to take advantage of the new Stage Video tools, sites like YouTube and Vimeo will need to alter their video players. So, it may be some time before the full benefit of Stage Video’s improvements makes it to your day-to-day web browsing.Flash Player 10.2 also lets users watch videos in full screen mode on more than one monitors. Apart from that, native custom mouse cursors can be defined for better user experience. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 would be able to accelerate hardware better with Flash Player 10.2 and thereby improve graphics performance. For the mobile platforms, this new version reduces CPU utilization when in sleep mode. It also gets paused automatically in case of incoming phone calls.Flash Player 10.2 can be downloaded from here.For list of new features visit here

Note for Ubuntu users: Adobe Flash Player has already been uploaded to the Ubuntu repositories so to upgrade to the latest version, all you have to do is run the following commands:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

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