Apple iPad Simulator on web

Since Apple iPad hits the market  it’s been  a revolution in tablet industry, and after the success of iPad, all market players are now like to taste the success of their tablets. If you are not having an iPad, don’t worry, at least you can feel that on web using a simulator.


We are talking about an online simulator of Apple iPad where you can slide the screen, see the apps listed on home screen, working home buttons and sleep button, correct time etc. Google Maps works fine in that simulator. Visit Simulator  iPad (To begin just drag the slider to right side as indicated by arrow)

Alternate iPad desktop application

Joe Johnston from has created  an awesome desktop application with Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex 4 which simulates the UI of the iPad. All those people who wana visualize the iPad can download the free Air iPad

To run iPad simulator you will need the Adobe Integrated Runtime if you don’t have it. If your running Windows Vista or 7 then you must run Air iPad As Admin otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy the effects.

You can download the free ipad simulator from here.


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