whatdoyousuggest.net ,fun with google suggest

What Do You Suggest? [whatdoyousuggest.net] is  of  fun,  fully interactive visual guide on a journey through the ‘suggested’ collective lives of millions of Google users.

The suggested words appear in the order in which Google suggests them. Each word is connected by a line of varying thickness representing the relative number of search results for a given Google search on the phrases which that word.At the end you will be provided with relevant website related to the specific keyword you search for.

The suggestions provided by Google Suggest represent real searches which in all likelihood have been performed millions of times each by people from all around the world.For eg: search for “technology”[type the keyword and hit enter] on whatdoyousuggest.net provides a visual as follow.

Visit whatdoyousuggest.net More detailed information is available on the author’s blog.


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