Hardware accelerated web browsing

Browser ‘s war  is hotter than it’s been in years, with all of major vendors ramping up support for HTML5 and its associated technologies. The latest area of focus is hardware acceleration — when the browser hands off processor-intensive tasks to the computer’s graphics processor to make animations and page rendering faster and smoother.
Microsoft created some controversy on its IEBlog this past weekend with a post claiming that the IE9 beta release was “the first and only browser to deliver full hardware acceleration of all HTML5 content.”However, despite Microsoft’s claims, Firefox 4 also takes advantage of the same Windows 7 APIs that Microsoft uses to accelerate both the compositing and the rendering of webpages, and it has done so for some time. Yes, Mozilla’s hardware acceleration support is still very much limited to beta releases and nightly builds, but so are IE9’s hardware acceleration features.

Hardware acceleration. what this  basically means  that using a browser is that things like javascript compiling is designed to make use of your multi-core systems and graphics display are handed off to your computer’s graphics processing unit (GPU). By doing these two things the browser developing teams  claims that they can create a faster and better browser experience.Browser’s display rendering subsystem uses the GPU for all graphics and text on web pages.Taken together, these changes enable computations to occur faster and in parallel, freeing the CPU to spend time performing other operations.


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