Advanced Security threats


Scareware is referred to as rogueware or fake antivirus. It attempts to convince you that your PC is infected with malware and prompts to pay for AV software to get rid of infectionTo get safe from Scareware you can use McAfee Site advisor ((

Drive –by downloads

This is the term used to describe the process of infecting a computer with when a compromised website is visited. Mainly the website is specifically created by cyber criminals to infect all visitors. Once you visit the site your PC is at risk of infection as malware download silently in background.

To stay safe from these attacks use site advisor tools such as McAfee’s site advisor that alerts about these malware probe sites and safe ensure latest version of browser.


As the name suggests it tends your PC virtually unstable until you pay money to rid your PC of the malware.To stay safe ensure latest version of browser is installed as well as latest common plug-in (Adobe Flash)


This is a latest scam employed by cybercriminal that takes advantages of multiple tabs in webbrowsing.These tabs often include webservices such as Gmail and Hotmail.Scammers adds fake login screen to these web services.


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