Recover Deleted Web Pages from the Internet

Have you ever encountered, when opening a web page on the Internet but the server hosting the site returns a 404 error meaning that either the web page has been removed or moved to a different location.

For recovering the lost page, the best option is that you search the page across all three major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Windows Live Search) and hope that a copy of the web page exists in the cache somewhere.

Type cache:

If the above doesn’t work, visit Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine – it is the largest web repository holding a snapshot (or backup) of over 10 billion web pages.

The Internet Archive doesn’t store web pages created or modified in the past 6-12 months while search engines may have the most recent version of the web pages in their cache.

Other Option for the site recovery process is to visit Warrick, created by Frank McCown at Harding University that lets you reconstruct any lost website (or single web page) automatically. Simply type the URL of the web site and Warrick will let you know via email once the recover process is over.

The tool is essentially a web crawler that scans and collects missing web pages from all the four web repositories – Internet Archive, Google, Live Search, and Yahoo. If a web page is found in more than one web repository, Warrick saves the page with the most recent date.

Another similar service is Iterasi Web archive


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